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Amy Winehouse (photo: Bojars)

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning, rather than overdosing on illegal drugs. So that’s alright then, apparently. And, as we all know, alcohol is not a drug: it’s a drink. Deborah Orr at the Guardian thinks that, when it comes to addiction, we shouldn’t make the distinction. It’s also worth remembering that if you drink and smoke, you run the risk of being digitally aged in an unflattering way.

According to a Cambridge University lecturer, ritualised binge drinking in the UK originated in its premier universities. There is, however, a reliable socio-anthropological document suggesting a teacher of alcohol-related merriment that predates that.
Thankfully, when things get a bit too blurry, the Uxbridge Angels will come to the rescue. Though they don’t seem to be providing the help that most binge drinkers want – that of getting more booze.

And if you don’t live in Uxbridge, there are always strawberries.

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