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September 28, 2011, No comments

We like our volume-based drinks here in the UK, regardless of alcohol content. Whilst those in much of mainland Europe are knocking back teeny thimbles of espresso, our cafés have […]

Don’t Drink… Learn to Dance

September 20, 2011, 2 Comments

There’s something you can do in the evening that is fun, highly sociable and doesn’t revolve round alcohol. No, not a carjacking party. Whatever t ...

The Folk Train

September 15, 2011, 1 Comment

Five years have passed since I stopped drinking, but I’m still always on the lookout for new things to do in the evening that don’t fundamentally ...

10 Great Reasons to Stop Drinking

September 10, 2011, No comments

1. Keep your organs unpickled “Livers are important,” says Hugh Laurie’s character in House. “You can’t live without them, hence the ...

  • Non-alcoholics Anonymous
    September 4, 2011, 11 Comments

    My name’s Neil and I’m a non-alcoholic. I mean that in two ways. Firstly, I’m not an alcoholic. But secondly, and more significantly, I’m dry.  No, I don’t need moisturiser. […]