Comments Policy

If you’re going to comment on my blog, I ask just one thing: Play nice. But since that’s a little ambiguous, here are a few guidelines:

I love comments. I really do. When you comment on my blog, you help other users, you contribute to the usefulness of the site and you make me grin like the idiot that I am. Comments motivate me to keep writing, editing and publishing content, and are an integral part of the service that I’m building.

No spam. No surprise, surely? Spam, advertising, links to phishing or other harmful sites – they’re all going to get deleted, and that’s assuming they get past the filter.

No abusive, hateful or off-topic comments. Agree! Disagree! Sit on the fence! Any of these things are fine, but there’s no need to get nasty about it, or to attack the author or commenter Ad Hominem. If I think a comment is inappropriate, I reserve the right to delete it. Or even to leave it up if I think that better serves the point.

Relevant links are welcome and should be placed in the context of a relevant comment.

Irrelevant links are not welcome, nor are inane comments posted purely as a reason to support them.

Keep it legal. I’m not a legal eagle: I’m not even a legal pigeon. I accept your comments in good faith, and you are responsible for what you’ve written.

‘Dad jokes’ will be deleted unless you can provide documentary evidence that you are a father. Nah, dad jokes are fine really – in fact they’re probably about 70% of my content.