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5 November 2012, No comments

There’s so much choice in UK pubs that drinkers can be left transfixed in a state of option anxiety. Yet for non-drinkers most British pubs are rubbish. There’s a solitary […]

Ambar Green – Non-Alcoholic Beer for Coeliacs

24 May 2012, 9 Comments

Could you get any more niche? Not only does this beer not have any alcohol, it doesn’t even have any gluten (well, less than 6ppm)...

New Year: Duff Zero Man Brings Home the Plastic

6 January 2012, 2 Comments

So that’s us all limping collectively into 2012 bearing our collective hangovers, if not of the alcoholic kind then the financial. My own Christmas ...

Great Gifts for Non-Drinkers

17 December 2011, 2 Comments

Wondering what to get that non-drinker for Christmas now that a bottle of scotch is out the question? Here are five ideas to get you thinking...

  • The Special Drink
    9 November 2011, 3 Comments

    I was relaxing with a cup of tea the other day and watching Air Crash Investigations when a couple of things occurred to me. The first is that Air Crash […]