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22 January 2013, No comments

As a former drinker, I find it easy to forget what life was like with alcohol. Fortunately, Facebook is always around to help me remember. Nearly 5 million Facebook users […]

Ambar Green – Non-Alcoholic Beer for Coeliacs

24 May 2012, 9 Comments

Could you get any more niche? Not only does this beer not have any alcohol, it doesn’t even have any gluten (well, less than 6ppm)...

The Special Drink

9 November 2011, 3 Comments

I was relaxing with a cup of tea the other day and watching Air Crash Investigations when a couple of things occurred to me. The first is that Air Cra ...

Don’t Drink… Learn to Dance

20 September 2011, 2 Comments

There’s something you can do in the evening that is fun, highly sociable and doesn’t revolve round alcohol. No, not a carjacking party. Whatever t ...

  • The Folk Train
    15 September 2011, 1 Comment

    Five years have passed since I stopped drinking, but I’m still always on the lookout for new things to do in the evening that don’t fundamentally revolve around alcohol. On […]

  • 10 Great Reasons to Stop Drinking
    10 September 2011, No comments

    1. Keep your organs unpickled “Livers are important,” says Hugh Laurie’s character in House. “You can’t live without them, hence the name.” Excess drink can have serious, negatives effect on […]